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New Spawn Building

    Welcome to DimensionKraft. We are a diverse server allowing you to open up and build what you like in our custom built world. We’d like to think that our server has plenty to offer with an adult playerbase, very little rules, and various game-enhancing plugins (i.e. Factions, Economy, & Player Shops) We're very open, accepting suggestions and allowing building for all players. We are always trying to improve our server by building towns, taking recommendations into consideration, and even just providing activities for our players to take part in. Our friendly staff is always here to help you if you have any issues or questions.

    One main objective as a public server is to let people simply have fun playing with friends and meeting new people. Our server runs a strict whitelist that targets a primarily adult playerbase. There are a few important goals to us in running our server and one of them is to be able to provide a place for our users to play minecraft with little distractions and unpleasantries. We have a rule system set up to prevent griefing, trespassing, and stealing but otherwise encourage players to play in a mature and defensive nature as PvP is not disabled in our worlds. We hope you have fun playing on DimensionKraft and bid you good luck!

Our last world refresh happened on 11/2018 for MC Update 1.13.2


  •Respect staff and your fellow players

  •No griefing or stealing of other players property

  •Hacks and advertizing warrant a permanent ban

  •Refrain from racial/ethnic slurs

  •Use common sense


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